Saturday, 28 February 2015

Barrington for Spring

There's something about the last week that has got me completely mesmerised by (and coveting, for that matter) spring accessories. It sounds a little mad and while I do love the fashion that comes with the spring and summer seasons, the accessories just seem all the more appealing to me.

With a whole lot of hype around a few of their newer collections, Barrington Gifts have been right in the centre of my recent accessories obsession. I've found myself scrolling through Pinterest, stalking around Tumblr and aimlessly trawling their website for inspiration and I still can't decide which design I love the most.

You see, the thing about Barrington is the customisability. They have a handful of lovely little designs that you can choose your own print for, but there are just so many combinations to choose from and so far, I want them all!

I do already have the St. Anne Tote in the chocolate and black checkerboard design and it looks great for the autumn and winter months, but I've now decided that I need something (potentially striped) for spring.

One of the latest designs to launch is The Monogram Stripe Collection and it's definitely a cutie. I think the Signature Blue Geometric is my fave, but it just doesn't feel that spring-like. So, with these beautiful bloggers as inspiration, I've definitely been considering my options. 

Brighton's classic blue stripe is definitely up there, but then I'm also leaning towards something a little lighter, like Grace's

Aside from something striped, I definitely could be tempted by the Navajo Mesa options. But I'm thinking more of luggage for this print - there's just something about it that makes me feel like packing for an exciting trip, so it feels just right!

Are you a fan of Barrington Gifts? Which design do you adore the most? I'd love to know what brands you're coveting for spring accessories this season!


Friday, 27 February 2015

Sweet Tweet

Dress: AX Paris. Striped Top: Monki (sold out), similar here and here. Clutch: ASOS (old). Heels: Topshop, similar here and here. Sunglasses: Celine. Bracelets: Sage K & Co and Edgy Elegance. Lips: MAC 'Rebel' mixed with Dior Addict Fluid Stick in '575 Wonderland'. Nails: Essie in 'Big Spender'.

It's finally Friday and I can't tell you how grateful I am that it is. It's been a bit of a busy week to say the least and I'm looking forwards to nothing more than indulging in endless cups of tea, glossy magazines and girly TV for the entire weekend!

But before I get a little ahead of myself, I should probably talk a little about how in love with this dress I am! It's no secret that I love prints. Prints make up my wardrobe and I rarely wear an outfit that doesn't contain at least one. I sometimes find it fun to try and wear as many as I can - complementary ones of course. So, when I saw this sweet bird print, I instantly wanted to team it with stripes!

With it being a bit of a funny season at the moment (you know, the days can look bright and lovely, but it's still pretty cold out there!), I went for transitional styling but I'm more than excited to team this printed beauty with lots of white and brights. How sweet is it going to look on summer days, out for teas and even on a lovely beach holiday!

As you can see, I'm clearly dreaming of warmer days - and I did say to you that I'd not be adding anything to my wardrobe that wouldn't be suitable for the spring and summer months, so at least I'm staying on track!

What do you think of giving spring summer prints a transitional edge? Are you as excited for the warmer months as I am? I'd love to know if you've picked any pretty prints up lately!


Thursday, 26 February 2015

Spring 2015 with ASOS

Ah Chanel. Sweet, sweet Chanel. Doesn't this snapshot from their Spring 2015 collection just epitomise everything so perfect about spring style? It does for me. The beauty, the brights, the intricate detail, femininity and even sharp sass with that little collar. Can't you tell I'm just dying for spring already.

With that in mind, I've teamed up with ASOS to bring you a bit of a SS15 trend edit. How could I not? I'm sure you know by now how much I love the brand, so when they got in touch, I took the chance to get a little creative.

I've felt so inspired by the spring style we saw on the runways last September, but as always have managed to pick and choose the key pieces that will work best with my feminine style - and I hope to do the same for you know with the ASOS spring collections.

In their SS15 Hot Buys edit, ASOS showcase denim, retro vibes, pastels, ladylike and lovely two-pieces, monochrome, florals and edgy accessories. So, I've taken to them in my own sweet way to bring you my very own SS15 ASOS edit with the trends styled my way!


Starting with the most obvious of all. Florals are forever. Florals are nothing new. But, florals are a huge favourite of mine. They're feminine and tend to make me feel so confident throughout summer.

For spring, forget your old favourites, these florals are fierce. They're edgier, prettier and sassier than before. I'm definitely looking forwards to styling sweet little tops with checks and stripes as well as sporting more daring dresses.


Denim is a huge trend for ASOS and in fact the world this spring. '70s styling, patchwork and flares are hot, but for me it's all about chambray and white. I've always loved chambray for shirts, but I'm leaning towards skirts, playsuits and dresses for spring this season.

If you've been following me on Instagram, you would have seen my rekindled relationship with white skinnies. I'm obsessed and plan to overwear them as much as possible from now until forever.


It may not be bright, it may not be colourful, but monochrome sure is something. It's always been big for the autumn winter season, but it's back for spring summer too. I'm not one for mono colour-blocking, but gingham and stripes I can get on board with. Aren't these pieces insane?

For me, monochrome looks best styled with huge colour pops or pretty prints. It's so much more dramatic. I'm already planning a look for that bardot number - wouldn't it look great with a little pink or maybe even aqua?


Ah ladylike, perhaps my most favourite trend of all! On ASOS, you'll find the cutest separates paired together for a very vintage feminine feel, but I'm adding in midis and maxis to the mix.

Two-pieces, whether they co-ord or not, have always been my fave, but there's just something about a killer midi dress or swooshing maxi that just feels so feminine. Especially when they're pretty and printed like these beauties.


I'm not quite sure why I've left this one until last. Maybe it's tradition or maybe I've been saving it - either way, spring accessories sure are exciting. Cute little clutches, embellished flats and killer heels are nothing new for spring and while they'll always be my faves, I've also found some new additions.

Double pearls have popped up everywhere and of course ASOS have such a huge selection that I instantly fell in love. I definitely love a good scarf at the best of time, but this striped oversized number is perfect for styling up everyday looks. And what girly girl doesn't love a good hair accessory?

What do you make of the ASOS SS15 Edit? Have I inspired you with my choices? I'd love to know your take on the trends for spring!

Darling Designs

I seem to get this insanely triumphant feeling when I stumble across a new brand that I instantly adore. I guess it's because I can be quite fussy when it comes to fashion. I know what I like and tend to have a signature style. If it's not girly, pretty and ladylike, I have a tough time getting on board!

So, as you can imagine, when I found Darling London this week, I was insanely happy. No only is their spring summer campaign imagery just the cutest, but their overall style is just so perfect. Based on an ultra-girly English Rose ideal with a huge vintage inspiration, their designs are printed, feminine and all round darling - if you can excuse the pun!

I've already been through their entire site and fallen in love with this gorgeous dress, this lacy number and how amazing is this colour!? It's just so nice to see a British born brand with a difference.

With styles and designs that are just so unique and them - not something you could find anywhere else, it's hard not to fall in love with the brand. Just look at this matching dress and jacket, it's just so classic, cute and covetable isn't it! Definitely expect to see more on Darling London from me this season, I'm obsessed!

Have you shopped with Darling before? What do you think of their latest collection?


Wednesday, 25 February 2015

The Lash Diaries: Part 1

Ah eyelashes, those lovely little fluttery things that we spend a whole lot of time on in the mornings. Aren't they just your favourite? Well, for the past three years they've certainly not been mine. If you've been reading along this year, you'll know I've been having a bit of a love hate relationship with my lashes.

They've never really been that great - sort of stumpy and pointing in all sorts of directions - but, after wearing strip lashes (or falsies) for the past three years, they've gotten so much worse. I'm left with hardly any lashes and the ones I do have are clearly in an awful condition. They're short, straight, have a mind of there own and are definitely not flutter-worthy. 

So, after a bit of a rant and a whole lot of research, I realised the only answer was Revitalash. Not only had it been recommended to me after countless convos on how useless my eyelashes actually are, but after reading up on it, it just made so much sense. 

When our skin gets tired and dehydrated, we moisturise it. The same goes for our hair, so why not our lashes? And that's what Revitalash promises. Of course I couldn't not give it a go. So, that head I headed over to my beauty fave Feel Unique to get my hands on some - seriously, where would I be without Feel Unique, it's my beauty Mecca!

As an eyelash conditioner, it promises flexibility, moisture and shine - hello lovely long fluttery-worthy lashes is all I'm seeing. By adding moisture, they should get that much needed TLC and hopefully be a pair I'm proud of. 

So, leave it with me for a few weeks and I'll definitely report back!

Have you used Revitalash before? What did you think? Or maybe you've got a similar problem as me - doesn't it just suck!


Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Ice Cream

Coat: Missguided. Blouse: Oasis. Jeans: ASOS. Sandals: Missguided. Bag: Kate Spade. Sunglasses: Celine. Lips: MAC 'Rebel' mixed with Dior Addict Fluid Stick in '575 Wonderland'. Nails: Essie in 'Big Spender'.

Can we talk about colour? I'm just so fed up of dull greys, monochrome and sensible, boring winter colours. I've been trying to wear as much colour as I possibly can over the past few weeks, but thanks to my sartorial choices six months previously (darn you, AW15 fashion trends), it's been a little tough to arrange.

As spring starts to creep its way into my wardrobe, I'm definitely starting to feel a little more inspired. Take this jacket. Oh lordy this jacket! I'm obsessed. As soon as I spotted it, I knew I had to have it. The grey and pink combination was just too perfect for spring to resist. Styled up simply, I'm more in love than ever.

I've never been much of a colour-blocking fan, but I think this one has swiftly changed my mind. I'm usually more for the print clash - lots of florals, checks, stripes and patterns in an assortment of colours. The simplicity of colour-blocking has always seemed way too understated for me. But, the possibility of styling this one with my beloved prints is just so inspiring!

Are you a fan of colour blocking? What colours are you most looking forwards to wearing this spring?


Monday, 23 February 2015

Motivational Moments

When I think back to last week, a whole lot of happiness comes to mind. It really was just one of those weeks - a really good one. There wasn't anything in particular that made it that great, there were just so many little things that all added up. And even if they all seem a little frivolous to you, they're all things that made me smile!

My shoes have to top the list this week. I've been reorganising them a little and it's been heaven. I've found old favourites and spruced them up a little, just to make sure they're ready to wear for spring. Eek!

And at risk of sounding a little nutty, pink has been a huge motivator for me. Pink, you ask! Yes, the colour pink. I've been loving, finding and styling all things pink for inspiration and I have to tell you, it's such a motivating colour. You can be sad when surrounded by pink!

After some time of having horrendous food intolerance flair ups, I'm finally falling in love with food again. Even though it can drive me crazy, I've been forced to find new things to love and a low carb, gluten free lasagne, made with courgette and aubergine instead of pasta sheets, has been the one!

Those of you that know me well will know how much of a boxset junkie I am. I'm not one for TV, but I do love to watch a series all in one go! I've restarted my Gossip Girl boxset again (after finishing Gilmour Girls again) and it made my week. The fashion and the sass is just so insane to me!

Although I've not really been shopping per se, I've still been so inspired by spring fashion this week. It just lights up your wardrobe, don't you think? I plan to fill mine with florals, whites, pink, checks and prints as soon as the weather warms up!

Sometimes, when I work, I like to listen to a little Spotify to switch off and really get into the words. My go-to gal was always Taylor Swift. I'm a huge Swifty fan, but after she took all of her music off of Spotify, I had to find a suitable replacement. That came in the form of Katy Perry (a controversial switch I know) and I've not looked back!

This past weekend we had a movie night. It wasn't quite like any of the ones we normally have and I like that. We stayed away from social, didn't have any junk food and relaxed, just the two of us. It was bliss, like a good old fashioned date night.

And finally, probably one of the biggest things to make my week (which probably makes me sound all kinds of crazy) was Tumblr. After months of looking at Tumblr, scrolling and scrolling for inspiration and amusement, I've finally created my own. And OMG how fun it is? I could literally reblog all the live long day! You can give me a follow here or click the image below!

What's made your week this week? Are you also a huge inspiration junkie? What colours are inspiring you for spring?

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