Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Lifestyle Lately

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Wedding Guest dressed in Little Mistress. Sporting stripes, twice, with Daniel Wellington. A fan of martini glasses and the things that are found in them!

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Holiday packing with Oasis, here and here, and ASOS, here. Accessorising my pink mani with a little snake, a la H&M. Then again with a sweet Strawberry Daiquiri. Pre-selecting my summer reads for Egypt after a delivery from Amazon.

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Trying to keep it clean, sans fries, at The Tavern. Relaxing and reading, barefoot, and a whole lot of campaign. Twice, but the second time with Hunters. Keeping it much cleaner with Pizza Express.

With summer drawing in, could there be a better time for my first ever Lifestyle Lately posts? Surely not. It's been a good one, I must say. Well, with days full of fashion, fields and food, you'd be inclined to agree. 

Fashion has come in an array of styles and occasions for me as of late. With family weddings spanning recent weeks, I've been fortunately to be styled dramatically different for the two - flick back to me #WeddingWow post here with ASOS. If colour and sass were the undertones of Part One, then Part Two was definitely all girly and sparkly, thanks to Little Mistress.

From glitz to grass, you'll probably of noticed I've been a little outdoorsy in recent posts (evidence can be found here, here and here, for those of you in disbelief - but I can't say I blame you). Summer should be spent outdoors and with a very keen countryman as a better half, I'm more than happy to oblige.

My Twitter and Instagram have been filled with holiday talk and with only two days left to go, you can imagine why. I've been styling looks for weeks, picking the perfect reads to accompany me on what will be my new home by day (a sun lounger to you and I) and keeping it way cleaner than my taste buds would prefer, all in preparation.

But at a risk of rambling, I think I'll leave it there. You can keep up with all of my lifestyle bites and then some on Instagram. Or go for full on ramblings by following me on Twitter.

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Friday, 22 August 2014

Sport Stripes

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Crop Top: ASOS. Stripe Skirt: H&M. Heels: ZARA (sold out). Watch: Daniel Wellington. Bracelets: ASOS. Nails: Essie in 'Blanc'.

So it's finally happened. For as long as I've been (half-heartedly) clinging on to pinks, peaches and beautiful baby blues, the darkness has taken over. I may be a mere 6 days, and counting, away from jetting off to a much warmer climate and pretending my love for all things maxi, floral and neoprene is real, but for now - my one true love has taken over.

Say hello to Grace through transition.

AW14, I've been waiting for you. Seriously, you'll experience a change in me over the next coming months, even weeks. When it comes to autumn winter fashion, I'm like Audrey in Tiffany's, Blair in Vivier or Carrie in Manolos.

I'm not yet able to pack away my summer staples, even though the weather encourages me otherwise. A beautiful picnic of colours stares back at me each time I take a peak in my wardrobe and it bores me. Who'd of thought? When what I really want is my most loved monochrome staring back at me; preferably as a banquet of texture.

Ah texture. Besides mixed prints, texture has long been my most coveted trend. I'm obsessed. If I could wear a little faux fur with lace, studs, leather and perhaps a little chiffon, I'd be giddy. Maybe I should set this as a little challenge this year? Just like I had a go at mixing four five prints with one of my most loved summer looks (come and sneak a peak at it here), maybe I should do the same a couple of times this autumn winter.

What do you think? Am I up to the challenge?

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Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Folk Feelings

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Dress: ZARA. Clutch: ZARA. Heels: Carvela. Necklace: Warehouse. Sunglasses: ASOS.

This week, I really feel like I'm clutching on to summer and I plan to do so for as long as need be. Well, until I'm back from holiday at least! So for the time being, my light layers and floral fabrics are sticking around.

And anyway, with the the transitional period, it's safe to say, in full swing, I'm kind of doing alright. Folk will be hot for AW14 as well know, so really I'm just ahead of the game.

If you follow me on Twitter and/or Instagram, you'll know that I'm not so patiently awaiting my holiday next week and firmly have my head in summertime separates and maxi dress mode. And if you're not following me (yet), more fool you! You'll want to sort that our right away, by clicking here and here. So I think I'm happily at home in the summer frame of mind for another few weeks.

It's really not that easy though guys, my eyes are glued to the New In sections of my most loved online stores scouting out the hottest wide leg trousers, jackets and knitwear. So I guess I'm secretly wishing the weather away for AW14 to just get here already!

How about you? Are you on the summer or autumn side?

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Monday, 18 August 2014


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Dress*: ASOS. Heels*: Carvela, available here. Bag: Oasis (sold out). Necklace*: Warehouse, available here. Fascinator: ASOS. Nails: Topshop in 'Milkshake'.

If there are two occasions that go hand in hand, it's most definitely summer and weddings. As soon as the air gets a little warmer and the days a lot longer, the wedding season hits and we're all left scouting for dresses, headpieces and jewellery that will outshine the next. As much as I love shopping, in this instance, there is nothing I detest more.

What? I hear you say. How? Well, I don't know about you, but the thought of traipsing around store to store or scrolling through yet another page of dresses just isn't all that appealing to me. And that's just to find the dress. Then there's the need to coordinate accessories, jewellery, hair and makeup. It's all just so tiring.

But here's the part when I get all cheesy and say that this year was like no other - thanks to ASOS. As a part of their #WeddingWow campaign, I was set with the challenge of styling my look using the dedicated Wedding section of the site. Yes it did involve a little bit of scrolling, but the fun kind. After all, browsing one site and one section is just so much easier than a handful of both.

So how do you think I did? I have to say, I'm quite impressed with my overall chosen look and the variety on offer. If you're a wedding guest this year, I can only point you in one direction, here, and you'll be sure to find what you need!

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Friday, 15 August 2014

Cosmopolitan #FashFest

 photo FashFest_zpsd9c57042.jpg

You may already heard and you may already have plans to attend, but if you're not on Twitter and haven't become obsessed with the trending #FashFest yet - you soon will be. 

Folloing on from the launch of Cosmopolitan Fashion, Cosmo will be hosting #FashFest this September. Around #LFW, from 15th-19th September, Cosmo will be bring week full of events, but what I'm most looking forwards to is the Cosmopolitan Catwalk Fashon Show.

The lovely ladies over at Cosmopolitan have appointed me as a VIP Blogger for the evening and you guys can join me to. From cocktails on arrival (cosmos of course) and complimentary beauty treatments, to seats at the Catwalk show and attendance at the after party, what more could you want? Perhaps a goodie bag? You'll get one of those too - worth £55!

Join me and your favourite fashion bloggers, the Cosmo team and High Street favourites on the night and get your hands on tickets now, available here.

What are you most looking forwards to?

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