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There's something about posting this little look on a Sunday that I like. Perhaps it's because I'm currently suffering with an awful cold and plan on doing a whole lot of nothing today, or that Sundays are known for being much more of a relaxed and casual day - either way, it suits.



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There's something about being able to wear a jumper sans jacket that I just love. It's definitely a little tricky to try it during the colder months, but as soon as spring approaches, it's one of those things to look forwards to.



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If there's one thing I have my mind completely focused on this week, it's casual fashion. Now that could be the one biggest contradiction I've ever made. I know casual style has never really been my favourite thing, but that's about to change.



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For as long as I can remember, I've loved fashion. Not only would I (attempt) to change my attire multiple times throughout the day as a small child, but I dreamt over vintage YSL, was mesmerised by the path of Coco Chanel and pretty much wanted to be Diana Vreeland in my early teens! As soon as I knew Fashion Journalism was an actual career, there was never going to be any other path for me.



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Sometimes, the only way I can get through a day is with basics. When you're feeling a little deflated, are in a bit of a rush or are in a need of something simple, basics are always the best option.